Wanna go for a walk?

We do on-leash dog walking in downtown Toronto, including the Yonge-St. Clair, west end (High Park/Roncy), and east end (Leslieville/north Beaches) neighbourhoods.

Book online for daily or occasional services. We send you a cute email report each time.

Who we are

Our staff are valued Walk My Dog Toronto employees committed to providing safe, reliable pet care. We use positive reinforcement techniques to reinforce good habits on dog walks, and we listen to the dogs’ body language to make sure walks are a fun experience for everyone. 


Justin with Harvey and Lucy

Justin is Team Lead, helping us all stay safe and organized throughout the day. His non-stop energy gives dogs a great walk experience and his positive attitude makes him a popular guy for every service from group walks to puppy visits. He is a graduate of St. Lawrence College’s veterinary assistant program and his long-term goal is to become the most amazing dog trainer in town.


Darius with Finnick and Luna

Darius moved to Toronto from Brampton with his family in 2014 and set his eyes on a career with animals. He worked at the Toronto Humane Society helping out during kitten season, boarded dogs in his home, and took pet care courses from Toronto-based DogGuru. He loves spending time with dogs during the day and then at night going home to his Newfoundlander, Baly.


Phil has been working as a professional dog walker since 2015 in the Leslieville and Beaches area of Toronto, where he lives with his girlfriend and their two dogs Flash and Loki. Phil was drawn to dog-walking because he enjoys working on his own and he finds that spending time with dogs is a very calm-inducing, peaceful way to work and live.


Noel walking a Golden Retriever in Toronto in winter

Noel moved to Canada when he was a kid. Now living in the bustling and diverse city of Toronto, different cultures and histories captivate him. He loves learning new things, helping people, and enjoying his time with dogs. One day, his goal is to do his part to help his home country develop.


Eric and Thora the Golden Retriever playing

Eric moved to Toronto from Montreal in 2018 with his fiancee Stephanie and their little Bichon Frise, Curly. He has many years of experience walking dogs professionally, handling a range of behavioural challenges with cheerfulness and compassion. In his off time he loves gaming, always trying out the latest technology.


Rachel walking Frankie and Mersey in Toronto

Rachel loves animals, is patient and understanding, and attacks chaos with lightheartedness. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and wheaten terrier Cody. When she isn’t dog walking, she enjoys video games, writing, and learning to code.


Jack walking brown dog Minnie in Toronto

Jack has loved dogs for as long as he can remember. He also loves the outdoors (especially hiking) and animals. His favourite hobby is playing basketball. He is hard-working and loyal, and his future career goal is to become a fully licensed refrigeration mechanic. 


Kass smiling on sunny day with small black and white dog in Toronto

Kass started dog walking in the Corktown neighborhood in Spring 2018. She immediately loved it and pursued dog walking full-time. When she’s not hanging out with pooches, you can find her combing through the racks at local vintage stores, looking for good finds.


Gilleen with Jack Layton and Joey

Gilleen, owner/operator of Walk My Dog Toronto, merged her love for animals and the outdoors with entrepreneurship and started the company in 2016. Inspired by the labour movement, she believes that creating a respectful team environment and decent work opportunities is the best way to run a business.


Emma was a professional dog walker from 2015 to 2018, and helped build Walk My Dog Toronto from the ground up. Emma now works as our social media and online marketing expert – and is also a poet and a midwifery student.


Colin and Ginger

Colin is Walk My Dog Toronto’s co-founder, helping manage our IT and business processes when he isn’t busy running his IT company, Inderly. A solid team player, he also steps in for occasional dog walking and other pet care services.

Safety and security

Our number one priority is safety first at all times. Our second priority is home security. When not in use, we store your keys in a locked safe. At our free first meeting, we will go over all our company policies, designed to protect our staff, your pets, and your home. 

Cute email reports

GPS walk tracker

We use GPS and you get an email after each walk or visit with a map, photo, and note about your pet’s journey. You’ll always know when we entered and left your home, and you’ll have a cute souvenir too.


Dog Walking Academy Certification

We are a professional dog walking company certified by dog*biz.

All our dog walkers have Pet First Aid certifications.


Toronto Centre for Canine Education logo

We are the Toronto Centre for Canine Education‘s preferred dog walkers.

We are fully insured and bonded with PROfur.

New clients

Our dog walkers are committed, trained staff that use compassionate positive reinforcement walk methods. They cultivate great group dynamics for the dogs on group walks, provide personalized one-on-one care during private walks and visits, and always keep you up to date using our GPS walk tracker.

The first step is to speak with you – either on the phone, or in your home. We’ll go over our company policies and detail your pet’s needs. Once we have determined that we are a good fit, you are free to book your walks or visits online anytime.


Our specialty is on-leash dog-walking and in-home pet care services. If you have other needs, let us know and we may be able to provide you a referral.

We walk dogs 9 am-6 pm Monday-Friday (closed statutory holidays).

All dogs we walk must be comfortable with humans other than their owners, with no bite history, be neutered/spayed (young puppies excepted), and be up to date on core vaccines.

Group walks

$21.32/half hr

Group walks


Private walks

$26.40/half hr

Book group walks daily?


Puppy and senior visits

$26.40/half hr

Other pet visits

$26.40/half hr

All prices are subject to 13% HST.

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